What I Want to Wear


I’ve always had a think for voluminous tops. It’s a bit of a vice and has left me on at least one occasion explaining I am in fact not with child, but despite that I continue to be a fan. There’s something delightfully feminine and frolicsome about non-form fitting items that allow you to feel the breeze about your being.

Rather than making you tuck your dress into your knickers and go wading through a river before having a jolly good ‘ole time with ginger beer at the picnic, this absolutely h’amazing Ellery top offers all the perks of volume but with a very serene grown-up air about it. It also makes me want to spend the whole livelong day pointing at things, despite the connotations of rudeness, simply to show off the sheer amount of sleeve. Order soup at your peril.

Ellery Lolita Circle Sleeve V-neck via moda operandi

Spring Jacket


I don’t know what’s been going on at River Island lately, but for the second time this month I’ve seen something in their collections that I actually want to wear.

I love jackets and blazers and I’m always happy to invest. I’m not really one for cardigans – a tiny bit on the twee scale for me – but jackets can add a bit of structure to your working wardrobe and what’s more, they come in whatever shape, colour or size suits your personal style. I don’t like to look too corporate, so one of my favourites is a beautiful wool biker jacket with an asymmetric gold zip up the front. The quality of the wool keeps it smart, but the cut makes it modern.

This bright, little jacket can’t really fail to catch you eye and it’ll be a valuable addition to your spring/summer wardrobe, whether it’s to pull together your work outfits or chuck over whatever denim you’re definitely going to be wearing.

Disclaimer*** I haven’t actually tried this jacket on yet and my one concern with it is that sometimes cropped sleeves combined with a shorter length jacket either makes it look like you’ve borrowed it off a child or you failed to heed the washing instructions. Likely won’t suit all body types so try before you buy!

River Island Red Striped Cropped Jacket, £65

Doing Denim

double denim



The last time I had a denim skirt it was one of those tube type mini versions that looked like an oversized belt and made your legs look like tree trunks. That terrible experience is why a) I haven’t worn nor owned a denim skirt since and b) one must be so discerning in the face of fashion, because shops frankly don’t give a whatsit if you look good in your purchases, so long as you keep buying.

As you can see above, these ladies all look divine in their denim, double or otherwise, and I think it’s time for me to trust my judgement which has come with age. You probably couldn’t have failed to notice the launch of Alexa Chung for AG which arguably officially signals the start of denim for Spring/Summer ’15. Darker rinses, embellishment, button up/down/front skirts, dresses and the return of the flare, they’re all going to be around and about this season, so I suggest you find what suits you.

Following my denim belt escapade of old, I’m going to be steering clear of short and shapeless and considering a dress, an A-line button front ‘mini’ or a knee length version, and avoiding bell bottoms for as long possible. This Esprit version fits the boat nicely without the price tag, this distressed version from Rag and Bone is now a modern classic and if you have the budget, Victoria Beckham‘s dark rinse dresses will serve you well for years.


Lingerie Vs Laundry


Laundry is one of my jobs. We share pretty equally because that’s how we roll, but cooking (6 out of 7 days), dusting and laundry (incl. washing of, hanging of and ironing of) are on my list.

I’m convinced that if I didn’t have to do laundry then I could conquer the world. The loads pile up slowly and quite embarrassingly until whites, darks, lights and brights have all merged into one pile that the cat can climb and I’m wearing uncomfortable knickers or worse bikini bottoms because there’s naught else clean in the house. Then comes 3 days and 4 nights of ironing when you find clothes you had completely forgotten you had as said item hasn’t been seen hanging in the wardrobe since the late 90s.

Alongside this usual mound, an increasingly large pile of hand-wash-only items has started to grow. This pile consists primarily of wool and cashmere sweaters and silk shirts and now, for the first time, includes panties. The panties I am referring to are the above hedonist’s dream, Stella McCartney, satin, day-of-the-week-embroidered, blush, hand wash only panties that came with their own satin bag. How utterly, fabulously ridiculous are these panties?

My partner is outraged I now need to handwash my pants, I am outraged he doesn’t think I can justify a cleaner, and the reality of it all is that before long the pants will be worn but one day a year, when the handwash hour comes one rainy Sunday. But in the meantime, these are comfy, pretty, silky and I won’t be forgetting the days of the week.

Stella McCartney Silk Days of the Week pants in blush £195

Image Source

New Season Shoes


Have you noticed? The days are slowly, softly and gently getting a little bit longer. Even on the gloomiest days my drive into work is no longer as pitch black as it was a few weeks ago and when I come home, there is still streaks of light in the sky.

I’m not prepared to give up my boots quite yet, but I have selected my top 3 new season shoes to take me hop-skipping-and-jumping into the Spring, whenever it decides to come.

I never ever buy anything from River Island. I really don’t rate the quality and their clothes don’t really float my boat but nonetheless I LOVE these pink platforms. They are sickly sweet and completely unashamed of it and I like that in a shoe. I am already planning to wear them with a Vivienne Westwood Anglomania skirt I picked up in the sale and some form of structured cropped top. I can see it now, and I look FABULOUS.

These Dune flats look a little weird, I admit, but with a foot in them, I’m telling you, they’ll be gorgeous. I’m planning these for days when there’s a lot of walking to do or my skirt is just too racy to pair with heels. They come in a snakeskin as well, but I prefer the reptile.

Ahhh, Boden. Who was a “Boden baby“? I lived in the brushed cotton check trousers because I was a tomboy and they felt like pyjamas. Sometimes I still like what Boden creates, and these shoes are testament to that, but the clothes aren’t designed, cut or created for me and I accept that. But I admire the business. You can’t not admire what they’ve done as a business. So for those of us who could buy Aquazzura only if the rent wasn’t paid for a month, these shoes will suffice. The pink is also rather nice, although would prefer a shade brighter.

L to R

Dune Ladies Hobra Lace Up Ballerina, £85

Boden Alice Heel in Amethyst/Navy, £119

River Island Bling Vamp Trim Heeled Sandals, £65 via ASOS



Winter Glow


Unless you’ve been fortunate enough to head to warmer climes over the Christmas holiday, you, like me, have probably long since lost any summer glow and are left with dull, sad skin. Fortunately, I have some tricks up my sleeve which help me pretend I have dewy skin year round.

Enter the magic that is Dior light boosting primer. This unassuming tube contains a multitude of brightening options which I heavily rely on during these winter months. My main approach is either to mix in a blob with my Chanel CC Cream which generally just brightens the face or option 2: use it as a highlighter with a generous amount on the ‘C’ curve above the brow line and down the cheek, a line down the nose and on the upper lip. Et voilà!

The Chanel CC cream is the best foundation I’ve ever used. It’s SPF 30 which keeps your skin suitably safe and provides coverage without it looking too matt. The main hurdle with this product is the price tag. Good luck keeping the wince off your face when you’re asked to hand over £43 for this small tube!

I don’t typically buy make-up from the Body Shop but I can’t endorse this shimmery blusher enough. It’s subtle enough to not look like you’ve attempted the dreaded contouring, and adds an additional colourful shimmer down the cheek.

Top the whole lot off with an espresso and you’re wide awake and ready to roll.

Chanel CC Cream, £43 via Debenhams

Clarins Concealer, £21

Dior Glow Maximizer Light Boosting Primer, £28 via Debenhams

The Body Shop Shimmer Waves, £16

Chanel Angled Brow Brush, £20 via Boots

The Body Shop Brow Kit, £10


Weekend Bliss



So that was week 1 back to work. Does it feel like you were ever away?

Monday morning I leapt out of bed when the alarm went off and got into work early to clear out my emails with what resembled enthusiasm. Come Tuesday morning I was snoozing the alarm again and spent the day yawning. In short, I lasted one day. So this cosy J.Crew x Hugo Guinness jumper ain’t lying when it says the weekend is going to be Bliss.

The jeans I bought from M&S in a dash in – dash out extravaganza and therefore didn’t try them on and failed to notice they were a longer length pair, which my legs are sadly not. My solution was simply to chop off the bottoms.

J.Crew x Hugo Guinness Bliss knitted jumper, £90 via net-a-porter

Dune Pointed toe block heel ankle boot, £129

M&S Limited Collection grey jeans, similar here

Longines watch

Morganne Bello Pierre de lune 

Gift Emerald & diamond ring




Wish List




I spent a lot of time the other evening looking for a denim dress. I just really want one right now. A proper dress, not a shirt dress, but a dark rinse denim dress which is well cut and nobody really notices is denim so I can wear it to work despite the rules. This Victoria Beckham dress is lovely with a flattering cut and I can see myself wearing it through the Spring and Summer with manly flats for work and platform sneaks or slip-ons during the day. It would also look super cool with this amazing fuchsia lip colour from Ellis Faas. The packaging is pretty and the applicator looks tantalisingly soft so this one looks to be all round winner.

Chiara Ferragni shoes are alllll over instagram at the moment. I love these Hollywood slippers, but I’ve I’m being less sensible and more fun, the Maleficent are probably my favourites.

Ellis Faas Creamy lips in Deep Fuchsia £23 via net-a-porter

Chiara Ferragni Hollywood Slippers €175.00

Victoria Beckham Denim mini dress £395


Moxham Power Dressing

Picture 2


I love pretty much everything that Moxham has made but this stunning choker is the top of my Most Wanted list. I love using jewellry to jazz up plain sweaters, dresses and white shirts and I especially love how tough the Moxham designs are, using leathers and metals to make the statement.

If you walk into a tricky meeting or the boardroom with this round your neck you’re not going to come across as a fluffy pushover.

MOXHAM Oni Slim Neckpiece in polished silver, £180

Image Source